About Us

Wiemann Lamphere Architects (WLA), a leader in the architectural design community since 1971, provides our clients with high quality, comprehensive and sustainable architectural solutions to meet their building and design needs. We operate with the mindset that  everyone is entitled to live, work, learn and play in spaces that are beautiful, functional and efficient.  

WLA is dedicated to creating strong and enduring client relationships, taking the client’s philosophy, programmatic requirements, and various site characteristics into consideration to shape the basis of our designs, to lend each project its own unique identity. We see every project as an opportunity to exceed our client’s expectations. 

A Vermont corporation with a 47 year history of successful projects, Wiemann Lamphere is now in its third generation of ownership, led by native Vermonters and brothers,  David and Steven Roy. Together, they are building on a solid foundation of quality projects while focusing on providing dynamic and sustainable architecture for today’s evolving world.   

WLA’s staff of twelve includes eleven design professionals, of which seven are LEED Accredited Professionals. From inception through completion and post occupancy, every project is under the leadership of one of WLA’s principals, David Roy or Steve Roy, who serve as the primary contact for all client matters.

Design Philosophy

Creative, sustainable design solutions that respect the environment, the building’s occupants, the budget, and the timeline

— our 40-year mission, and our promise to you.

Successful design is functionally effective, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sound. It makes a statement about a commitment or brand without making a lot of “noise”. Wiemann Lamphere makes every effort to design architecture that fits this criteria. We craft creative solutions that integrate and fit within the environment,  withstanding the test of time and remaining beautiful and efficient for its lifetime. Collectively, we address and incorporate your needs while employing the latest sustainable technologies to improve quality, reduce costs and continue our commitment to environmental preservation and global climate change mitigation.

At Wiemann Lamphere, we understand every project impacts the environment, economy, health, and productivity of its inhabitants and surrounding area. We are among a growing number of building and architectural design professionals who develop high-performance, sustainable buildings. Our seven LEED Accredited Professionals implement sustainable practices and design features into each project. Our staff works collaboratively with owners, design professionals, contractors and all project stakeholders to develop projects that perform at high levels and set new standards across the five essential Sustainable Design Categories - Sustainable Site; Water Efficiency; Energy and Atmosphere; Materials and Resource; and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Sustainable building development is an opportunity to improve lives, address social issues and revitalize urban and rural areas. Designing a housing development involves careful consideration of all aspects of a neighborhood and the people who will live there. We work with our clients to look beyond the individual building structures and focus on environmental impacts, mobility of pedestrians, traffic flow, aesthetics from all directions, and more.

A successful project starts with a fundamental understanding of the issues involved, the project constraints, and the client’s needs and requirements. We will listen to you and establish the parameters and scope of the project from the beginning, as the project develops, and use these parameters to guide the decision-making process along the way.

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