David Roy


Registered Architect, LEED AP 

Bachelor of Science in Architecture,
Kansas State University, 1992
Associates Degree in Architecture,
Vermont Technical College, 1988

As the son of a local builder, David was immersed in the construction industry from a very young age. Growing up near to his father on construction sites and building things with his hands led him towards architecture as an adult. He was drawn to the intrinsic value in creating places for people to enjoy and socialize within. He finds a certain satisfaction in creating space from a blank sheet and shaping opportunities for people to live, work and play within a building environment. As an Architect, David finds that the opportunity to revisit and understand how people experience the place in their own way, within something that was imagined, worked out on paper, and finally fabricated with specific intent, is where the joy of architecture can be found. Regardless of project type, style, size or complexity, it is the client, consultant and architect's collective pursuit of 'place-making' that fuels the conversation, discussion and direction for a project - all while keeping in mind program and cost - that is the challenge and reward of architecture. 

David's areas of practice include workplaces, public safety, housing, manufacturing, and hospitality. He is licensed in multiple states and has been involved with the South Hero Planning Commission since shortly after moving to the island community.